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7 Enrollment Management Sources To Keep You Up-To-Date

Marketing in the education space is constantly evolving, and it is more important than ever for enrollment managers and marketers to stay up to date on the latest news and trends. From associations to Twitter hashtags, here is a list of seven sources that can help you stay updated on the latest information pertaining to enrollment management.

1. The Enrollment Management Association (EMA)

What is EMA?

The Enrollment Management Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to offering support for independent school enrollment professionals. The organization works with over 1,300 independent schools, providing them with strategic enrollment tools and advocacy.

Who does EMA benefit?

EMA offers professional training for enrollment management professionals. The organization provides a wide variety of learning opportunities such as events, online courses, and recorded webinars. EMA also offers a learning pass which gives enrollment leaders a year of access to EMA’s library of courses as well as additional content and conversations surrounding enrollment management.

What does EMA membership entail?

Membership is offered both to schools and affiliates such as educational consultants and access organizations. EMA offers several perks of membership, including:

  • Enrollment & Assessment Tools
  • Industry Research
  • Professional Development Events & Training
  • Community Building Opportunities

Ultimately, EMA gives enrollment professionals direction and support to succeed in the enrollment management field.

2. American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)

What is AACRAO?

AACRAO is an international non-profit association that serves higher education institutions. The group comprises a collection of over 11,000 higher education professionals on a volunteer basis. AACRAO offers monthly research reports and quarterly journals that include statistics, surveys, and research revolving around emerging higher education trends. The organization also provides enrollment professionals with training material and professional development programs.

Who does AACRAO benefit?

AACRAO supports professionals working in higher education with a specific focus on admissions, registration, and enrollment. The association works to encourage professional success by providing its members with a variety of tools and resources to give them a professional edge in the higher education industry.

What does AACRAO membership entail?

Membership is limited to associations within the public sector or private non-profit organizations. Benefits of membership include

  • A collection of higher education information including exclusive newsletters, podcasts, publications, and daily updates
  • Opportunities to attend meetings and participate in webinars and courses
  • Involvement in committees and volunteer opportunities
  • Discounts on many of AACRAO’s services and offerings
  • And more

AACRAO’s end goal is to help academic professionals serve their students by encouraging innovation and imparting relevant knowledge to its members.

3. Association of Independent School Admission Professionals (AISAP)

What is AISAP?

AISAP offers four primary categories of support to independent school enrollment professionals: education, events, resources, and solutions. The organization works to educate enrollment professionals through its online courses and CAEP (Certificate for Admissions & Enrollment Professionals). AISAP also hosts a variety of virtual and in-person events to provide support to individuals working in the admissions and enrollment space. The resources the association offers include a podcast, a blog, volunteer opportunities, and more. Finally, AISAP supports schools by providing solutions such as surveys, assessments, and insights.

Who does AISAP benefit?

AISAP focuses exclusively on admission and enrollment management professionals working in an independent school setting. However, much of what the organization offers extends to individuals who are looking to gain an understanding of the admissions process. For example, the CAEP is available for college students as well as professionals currently working in admissions.

What does AISAP membership entail?

Membership at AISAP includes a large collection of benefits, which include:

  • Access to a digital library of templates and sample documents related to admissions
  • Research and reports on emerging trends
  • An online community comprised of AISAP members
  • Access to AISAP’s career center
  • A variety of educational opportunities such as webinars, continuing education credit courses, and micro-credentials to demonstrate proficiency in admissions standards
  • Discounted rates on events and the CAEP certificate
  • And more

AISAP is committed to helping enrollment professionals ensure student success. Regardless of whether you become a member or not, AISAP can definitely help you stay updated through its podcast, blog, and other available resources.

4. National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

What is NACAC?

NACAC is an organization of over 25,000 postsecondary education professionals. The association offers a large array of resources to support both members and non-members alike. NACAC hosts several events across the country including college fairs, annual conferences, and town halls. The association also provides tools for professional development including webinars, certificates, and additional resources to support advocacy and ethics in the higher education space. The organization’s knowledge center contains a wealth of information pertaining to admissions and enrollment strategies in higher education that can be viewed without a membership, and the group provides several opportunities to stay on top of emerging trends through its blog, podcast, research reports, and other publications.

Who does NACAC benefit?

NACAC specializes in serving higher education professionals working in admissions, enrollment management, and counseling. However, the organization’s wealth of information can benefit anyone interested in admissions and higher education trends including marketers and emerging professionals.

What does NACAC membership entail?

Membership at NACAC is offered on both the individual and organizational levels. Benefits include:

  • Exclusive publications and research to foster learning
  • Discounts on guides and conferences as well as reduced exhibitor fees at college fairs and free webinars
  • Access to a community of like-minded professionals
  • Professional development workshops and online learning opportunities
  • Networking opportunities through college fairs, partnerships, and more.
  • Opportunities to participate in advocacy meetings and leadership opportunities
  • And more

In addition to the opportunities the association provides, NACAC is sure to help you stay updated on the latest information pertaining to enrollment management and admissions.

5. #EMChat

What is #EMChat?

EMChat is perhaps the most unique resource on this list in that it is not an association or publication, but rather a Twitter hashtag and online community. EMChat is a collection of like-minded professionals committed to discussing the world of enrollment management. The group discusses the latest news pertaining to topics such as financial aid, enrollment technology, and college access.

Who does #EMChat benefit?

EMChat is an online community that supports enrollment management professionals working in higher education. The group consists of individuals coming from institutions and education service providers.

What does #EMChat membership entail?

While there is no official membership program, participation in the EMChat community offers a variety of benefits that include:

  • A mentorship program that connects aspiring enrollment workers with established professionals
  • A list of enrollment management resources to help you stay in the loop
  • Conversations surrounding the latest news pertaining to enrollment management
  • And more

The founder of EMChat, Will Patch, has high hopes for the future of the community, and plans to produce short videos pertaining to enrollment management and connect professionals through accountability groups and meetups.

6. Inside Higher Ed

What is Inside Higher Ed?

Inside Higher Ed is a news source that publishes regular information pertaining to the higher education landscape. Their mission is to be an independent source of information for the higher education community while simultaneously providing organizations and professionals with tools and resources to succeed in their endeavors. The company provides resources such as newsletters, a job board, and research reports. Inside Higher Ed also hosts a variety of in-person and virtual events to support academic professionals.

Who does Inside Higher Ed benefit?

Inside Higher Ed benefits anyone working inside the higher education space. This includes enrollment managers, marketers, admissions counselors, and college students seeking out a career in higher education.

What does Inside Higher Ed membership entail?

Members of Inside Higher Ed receive unique benefits, including:

  • Access to a members-only LinkedIn group and Twitter feed
  • A collection of detailed research reports and surveys
  • Webcasts hosted by Inside Higher Ed’s editors
  • The ability to save articles across the company’s website
  • Discounts on Inside Higher Ed’s special reports
  • And more

Inside Higher Ed is an excellent resource for enrollment managers, marketers, and aspiring professionals alike. If you are looking to keep yourself informed about the latest in enrollment management, Inside Higher Ed is a great place to begin.

7. The Chronicle of Higher Education

What is The Chronicle of Higher Education?

The Chronicle of Higher Education is a source that covers insights and news relevant to colleges and universities. The company also hosts several virtual events such as forums, workshops, and webinars. The Chronicle of Higher Education is available both online and as a printed resource, and the Chronicle’s reports are available for purchase on the company’s online store. There is also a job board available for individuals seeking to advance their career in higher education.

Who does The Chronicle of Higher Education benefit?

While the Chronicle of Higher Education is available for anyone interested in higher education, its target audience consists of individuals working in higher education and college students. Higher ed organizations can also provide each of their employees with access to the collection of information the Chronicle of Higher Education provides. This information can benefit marketers, enrollment managers, and anyone interested in the latest news pertaining to higher ed.

What does The Chronicle of Higher Education membership entail?

Subscribers of the Chronicle of Higher Education gain benefits such as:

  • Unlimited access to the Chronicle of Higher Education’s website
  • Over 50 years worth of archived articles
  • A collection of data and analysis pertaining to higher education
  • A daily newsletter
  • Annual credit for select reports
  • And more

The Chronicle of Higher Education is an excellent resource for staying informed about news pertinent to enrollment management.

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